5 Apps Every Fashion Start-up Needs for Optimum Productivity

Most entrepreneurs will admit they face the challenge of having to work under pressure and succumbing to time constraints. As a start-up business, meeting deadlines on time can be daunting – especially in today’s world, where they continue around the clock – and time does not stop for anybody or anything. The output is completely dependent on an entrepreneur’s input.

In order for your fashion start-up to reach new heights and become the success you have always imagined, productivity is key. This means that time should be allocated wisely, and every task should be attended to with maximum focus and dedication. However, distractions and poor planning can render productivity unattainable. Nevertheless, by implementing the right tools, productivity is just around the corner.

Technology opens up so many doors in terms of business management and planning. So here’s our top selection of the five apps you can use to boost your productivity instantly :



This app allows easy communication between all team members, or smaller groups of team members within the start-up. Communication should not be an added stress or a limitation of day-to-day work, and this app makes it so simple to check in with one another and sharing important files.


2. Cisco Spark

 Imagine having a direct assistant through your phone. With Cisco Spark this can become a reality. It summarises all your tasks and to do lists for the day ahead, and emails you an overview each new day. It can act as a bonus office assistant too, by reminding appropriate team members about meetings and tasks.


3. Forest

If you are wanting to really get into what you are doing then this app is first class. A timer is set, and during this, no messages, emails, or other apps may be used. The point is to grow a forest – depending on the time you spend working, and not using your phone, your trees can grow – and you will be able to see the progress you have made. It’s the perfect incentive to knuckle down with the utmost focus.


4. Newton

Getting mixed up between personal emails and client emails can take a lot of time from your day. Newton is used to separate these different emails, saving you time from sifting through who needs an invoice and who does not.


5. Trello

When tasks become too many to manage, it can easily result in a breakdown rather than a victory. An app that helps categorise tasks into the most important of the day, the ones that can be looked at later, and those that are already completed, is Trello. It also takes away the stress of remembering who needs to do what, as the app manages who is in charge of each task.

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