A Closer look at Distribution Strategies

I recently had the privilege of attending the Threads classroom; which was held at the Standard Bank Provincial Offices in Cape Town.
The entrepreneurs’ gusto was indicative of their passion and willingness to succeed in their business ventures. They were fully present and tuned in.
This was week 5 of the entrepreneurs’ Threads journey, and at the top of the agenda was Distribution Channels. The class was led by Threads co-founder, Tania Habimana, who engaged the entrepreneurs as well as some industry experts; who shared their pearls of wisdom on the various fields of expertise.

The purpose of this module was to outline the various distribution channels and strategies available to business owners; and help the entrepreneurs gain insight into – and possibly – identify and implement some of these strategies into their businesses. The session was interesting and so valuable. The first topic we unpacked was Distribution Channels; as well as the various formats that associate with these channels.

It was quite eye-opening to discover the potential each business has, to reach larger markets; by merely defining the distribution channel and format the business will take.



Thabo Makhetha, Majda Rabin (Chimpel), Kim (An Ode to Style), Tania Habimana, Anthony Smith (2BOP)


Some of the entrepreneurs shared some ideas they had on how they were intending on reaching and possibly tapping into new markets; through a defined distribution channel. As a lover of all things glam and elegance, I absolutely loved Tshego’s idea of converting a truck into a mobile boutique, and targeting prime areas of the country, the displaying her gorgeous and stylish items in a huge truck.  This trunk show would definitely pull crowds, and it’s a fashion party I wouldn’t want to miss!

Property experts from Broll, Lesley and Matt,  shared some insights into how positioning your business in a mall setup is central to the success of a business.

Through this session, I gained insight into how businesses are positioned in a mall setup, to enable it to get the necessary exposure and foot flow. Roderik Vinkesteijn, Director of Store Operations for Converse, reckons that being situated close to a food court will give your business great exposure.

The afternoon was concluded with solid advice from Roderick. His advice to us was: “Always be yourself, think big, and make sure that you master the fundamentals.” Truly words to live by.

To say this session was just interesting would be an understatement. I have been exposed to new dimensions of the fashion industry. I have a much broader understanding of how a solid distribution channel will tie back to a business’s Customer Value Proposition; and ultimately to the customer.

The entrepreneurs were so vibrant, and I enjoyed their vibe. I am certainly looking forward to the next classroom.

An Ode To Style


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