A Lesson in Sustainable Fashion with Jackie Burger (Part2)

The rise of eCommerce has led to further environmental damage in the form of courier deliveries whereby trucks are encouraged to drive faster in order to meet deadlines which subsequently releases more Carbon dioxide emissions into our atmosphere. Clothing packaging is also posing a threat to our environment, whereby more plastic packets are being produced and used in order to deliver fashion goods despite customers not properly disposing of them. Many of these plastic packets are ending up in our oceans or on dumping grounds where they take millennia to break down and decompose.

In order to counteract this detrimental linear system, Burger suggests adopting and implementing what she calls a ‘closed-loop system.’ In a closed-loop system, actions are taken to limit the wastage caused by the fashion industry. Some suggestions include recycling old clothing into new garments or simply creating high-quality clothing that can be worn for decades to come. There are many ways to implement a closed-loop system and in order to achieve this Burger suggests engaging in an activity which she calls ‘Imagineering’.


#ThreadsBySB Judge Jackie Burger, the entrepreneurs, founders Desiree Brouwer & Tania Habimana, Brand South Africa Ambassador Matthew Mensah and Blogger Partner Kim (An Ode To Style)


Imagineering refers to imagining in an engineering context, whereby ideas are implemented in the running of a business in order to improve its sustainability. Although HM has recently received some negative press, the popular clothing brand is a great example of a business that has implemented Imagineering. In each of their stores they have bins where anything can be recycled. They have also released a ‘conscious collection’ whereby all the items in this collection have been made from short-plastic, making it popular and trendy to wear recycled garments.

During the discussion on sustainability with Jackie Burger, the entrepreneurs not only learnt of the various ways they can make their own businesses more sustainable, but also how they can use their fashion lines in order to share a message of sustainability, allowing not only them but also those who purchase their items to be a part of a greater movement towards a sustainability future. “I hope years from now you remember when you sat down collectively and shared information that will make you prepared for the future,” Said Burger to the entrepreneurs. Thank you to Jackie Burger for sharing this pivotal information on the importance of implementing sustainability within the fashion industry, information which will allow the entrepreneurs to raise the standards of their own business while remaining sustainable and environmentally sound.


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