Accelerator Unzipped 7: Digital Skills & Strategies

It is no secret that the world has come to embrace everything digital since the birth of the internet. According to Google, more than 50% of the world is online. The heart of the Digital Strategies and Skills workshop was to educate the entrepreneurs on the imperative objective of a digital presence in the growth of a brand and tap into the opportunity of reaching the multitudes online.


Queen Regnant, Alyssa Pillay, Google

Threads Durban Classroom
Photography : Alyssa Pillay

The workshops were simultaneously held in Standard Bank Regional Offices in Durban, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. The Durban classroom’s initial speaker, Dr. Dikshita Padalkar discussed the role of statistics and numbers in the marketing of a brand online and the ability to propel the further growth of these businesses. According to Dr. Padalkar, “Your online presence gives you a valuable insight into prospective customers, what they want and how to give it to them.”

Mr. Atul Padalkar simplified the elusive concept of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as well as the understanding of Google’s algorithm of website page rankings and furthermore the options a business has to stake its claim in the vast worldwide web.

The second session of the workshop was hosted via web conference by Mushambi Mutuma, the Managing Director at Altivex Creative Foundry and EOH Mentor. From digital strategies, social media analytics to creative content creation. “Everything you do on digital media can be measured. Get creative with your social media content and see what works best for your brand.” says Mushambi.


Last but not least, Facebook Africa Ambassador Ramiza Abdool gave an interactive lecture enabling entrepreneurs to optimize their Facebook ads strategies. From how to distribute & monetize content, lead generation to effectively building brand awareness.

That’s it for week 7 of the Business of Fashion Accelerator program in South Africa, Threads – stayed tuned for next week’s module on eCommerce.


Alyssa Pillay is the editor of Queen Regnant, a fashion and lifestyle blog that aims to inspire it's reader to make the world a better place, with beautiful aesthetics as a tool.