Uncovering the Business of Instagram Influencer with Bella Pinto

Bella Pinto – Influencer & economist tells us how she started her career

Bella is a scholar by excellence. From Johannesburg, living in Cape Town.

Currently an economics Student at the University of Cape Town,  she is passionately analytical and strategic about most aspects of her life. She studies hard and was even awarded a Golden Key.
A members’ society which takes the top 15% of any country in a given faculty to join the group and awards them with unique opportunities and a vast network of high-achievers. Through her studies, she aspires to one day work for the UN and uses her mathematical brain to be able to unlock part of world’s biggest problem to the benefit of others.
But besides her ambitions to join the UN one day, Bella, like many of today’s millennials has an interest in Instagram and being an influencer on the platform.

However, unlike most, Bella took a decision to be scholar about it and went face-to-face military style with Instagram –studying the social media tool.
With over 500 million active monthly users and according to Instagram, users now share an average of 95 million photos and videos per day. As a new influencer in this social media world, navigating your way through this powerful tool can be a daunting thing for the average user.

But as a devoted economics student, Instagram and becoming an influencer for Bella, wasn’t just about posting pretty pictures, it was about understanding the engine.

“Nothing is random” she says.

Bella Pinto - Standard Bank - Threads

Using various tools to project the overall look and feel of the account, the theme, the message and relaying this information systematically to the overall engagement rate.

Where Instagram for many is a collection of pictures, for Bella it’s a series of carefully calculated formulas designed to ignite emotions and reactions from her followers. Bella spends an average of 7-10 hours a week studying the tool a scientific and calculated approach.

Raising the Standard for her is being dedicated to the smallest of details, regardless of where you are in your journey.

“I wake up every morning and check out what’s new on my feed, I don’t miss a picture”. Says Bella.

This allows her to stay abreast of brands activities, trends and gain more insights into growing her following.

As we were interviewing Bella, she’d just been on-boarded as a Converse brand ambassador. It seems the journey has already begun for her …

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