Crowdfunding is a method of raising capital through the collective effort of friends, family, customers, and individual investors. This approach taps into the collective efforts of a large pool of individuals—primarily online via social media and crowdfunding platforms—and leverages their networks for greater reach and exposure. – definition kindly provided by
Do you think this funding strategy is for you? Well we’ve selected some crowdfunding platforms so you can start your own fashion business campaign.


This equity crowdfunding platform enables entrepreneurs to showcase their startup and engage with Investors. It’s targeted at locally owned small to medium business aiming to raise R500 000 to R50 000 000.



Thundafund is South Africa’s leading online Crowdfunding marketplace for creatives and innovators.



STARTME is a South African crowdfunding platform for Business Finance, Small Business Funding, Art Funding, Music Funding, Film Funding, Research Funding, Seed Funding, Online Investing.



South Africa’s new crowdfunding platform. Giving average South Africans a reason to dream again.



Kickstarter is the most well known name in crowdfunding and arguably the most active platform. They commonly support creative projects, including fashion.



Indiegogo was the first major crowdfunding platform. Its “flexible funding” option allows you to collect all your donations even if you haven’t reached your goal.



Circle up is an equity-based crowdfunding company designed to help emerging brands raise capital and grow their business.



This platform enables online investing, equity crowdfunding and business finance.

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We believe in change. We believe in leaving a lasting impact. That's why threads mission is to empower the next of South African fashion entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools, resources, and networks to run a sustainable business operation and thrive internationally.