FashionTech Hackathon Startup: Smart city

If you haven’t heard yet, the FASHIONTech™  Africa conference is an event like no other, and is coming to the African continent for the first time. FashionTech Africa is essentially a part of the Threads Stitched by Standard Bank program, however, it is a platform that takes into consideration the opportunity for technology to advance the African fashion industry. Global brands, start-ups and industry professionals will have the chance to engage and in turn, formulate connections that could fuel the growth of the African fashion industry.

In conjunction with this conference is the Hackathon. This is a 24-hour event, running from 16th of April to 17th of April, and will follow four groups, each made up of 3 Threads entrepreneurs, 1 programmer, 1 UX/Visual Design, and 1 industry expert. Each group will be allocated one unique technology to use, from either augmented reality, 3D printing, virtual reality, and internet of things, to create a product applicable to the business world, that solves one of Fashion’s Biggest Problems.

Four tech start-ups will provide each of the unique technologies that will be used at the Hackathon. Below are 10 questions that each start-up answered, to give a better idea concerning what they are all about!


1. What is your technology – explain it to us like we’re a 5 year-old and how fast is the market of your business growing?

SmartCity makes IoT (Inter of Things devices) for municipalities. These devices aim to solve problems and increase efficiency within the city. The IoT industry is fast growing and the current estimate is that this industry will produce billions in connected devices.


2. What do you enjoy most about being involved in such an innovative industry?

The ability to use electronics, design, coding, and 3D Printing to develop devices that aim to tackle some of the most difficult problem SA city faces.


3. How do you keep up to date with new skills or changes within your industry?

The goal is not to follow the trends, but to pay attention to the local environment and develop systems that have practical application locally.


4. What are your goals for the tech start-up?

The business’s goal is to develop devices that help solve the problems that are found in a city.


5. What do you think about the merging of fashion and technology?

This is an interesting prospect and innovative IoT companies will develop devices for this sector.


6. How can your technology contribute to the fashion industry?

My devices are not designed with the fashion industry in mind. There would need to be a collaboration with a designer in order to determine how we could merge the two sectors.


7. Have you been involved in a Hackathon before?



8. Why did you decide to take part in this Hackathon?

The hackathon was part of an innovation competition I was involved in.


9. What are your expectations of the Hackathon?

To learn more about the fashion industry and to determine the practicality of merging IoT with the fashion industry.


10. What is one word you’d use to describe your business?


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