Market Research

Does the word research put you off? Hang on a little, we are talking about the kind of research you can do on your own. Want to know how many visitors per day your competitor has, what the most googled words are related to your business or trends statistics ?  Keep reading!


Google Trends gives you insights on search-terms, you can also compare the volume of searches between two or more terms.



Validate demand or usability on a clickable prototype or live feature with Validately.



AYTM is a DIY survey platform with a built-in consumer panel bringing the power of consumer insights to everyone.



Proved connects to your potential customers and benchmarks your idea against thousands of others. Fresh idea? Test. Improve. Go!



The Consumer Barometer is a free tool that delivers consumer insights in the fast-changing digital landscape.



CrunchBase is the world’s most comprehensive dataset of startup activity and it’s accessible to everyone.



Analyze your competitors’ traffic and identify growth opportunities online with SimilarWeb.



Compass aims to reduce the massive failure rate of businesses in a scalable way.



Statista is the leading international statistics portal on the internet.



GutCheck is an on-demand market research solution delivering quality real-time insights from your target audience


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