Marketing In The Digital Age (PART2)


“It’s about understanding what your customers want to find out and how they are going to search for it.” Says Mashiri. This statement informed the second major lesson of the digital workshop; the need to understand one’s target market during the digital age. According to Mashiri, the entrepreneurs should first identify and specify their specific target market’s culture, age, values and living status in order to design an online presence that will appeal to that specific group.

The second step involves creating a website that is both user-friendly, responsive as well as ensuring it contains all the content your target market would particularly want to be aware of. Knowing your customer allows you to compete with the millions of websites that already exist on the internet as this knowledge allows you to utilize keywords and phrases that will ensure your website to appears on the first page of your target market’s search engine.

In order to successfully market your products online, it is important to not only know your customers, but also to communicate with them. This statement informs the final lesson of the workshop; maintaining a positive relationship with your audience. During the digital age, the relationship that exists between your business and its audience is more important than ever before. This is because the digital world provides a platform whereby customers can provide reviews and share your products onto their social media platforms, which in turn opens your business up to new markets. Therefore, it is extremely important to analyze what effects your businesses’ digital presence will invoke in your audience. When consulting a webpage designer, Mashiri states that it is paramount to provide explicit guidelines as to what message you want to convey to your audience. 

“No one knows your audience or business like you do, your website needs to really speak to your clients.” Says Mashiri. The key to creating a successful online presence for a business is to ensure that it is tailor made to both your business’ and clients’ needs and interests.

The entrepreneurs learnt many useful digital marketing skills that they can implement into their own online marketing strategies, but a final important message they will take home relates to individuality. When opening up your products to new markets via digital marketing, it is important to still keep your product’s design unique to its origin as that is what first attracted your market and what truly conveys your brand. “It is more than just technology, it is about building a distinctive brand and technology is just helping you out.” Says Mashiri. All the Threads entrepreneurs’ brands are so unique that it will be exciting to see how they implement these digital strategies in order to take their brands to the next level, while maintaining the message; made in Africa. 
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