Uncovering The Business of Public Relations with Matthew Mensah (part2)

What made you decide to transition into health?

You know in West African culture, there are a lot of social rules and a certain hierarchy. You can live very easily if you’re from a specific level of society. Almost like if you’re living in this kind of bubble where the poverty around you doesn’t really affect you. This never sat well with me being in a setting of very decadent living and not thinking of the people with nothing.
Living around people who had so much wealth but with many who didn’t show an interest in the outside world beyond their bubble was a gamechanger for me. Especially in Lagos where less earning citizens properly are the hardest working people in Africa. However, I would live a life where we would be drinking champagne at weddings & ordinary weekends while our waiters would work 7-am to even and have a 2-hour journey to get back home. For a job that dont even pay well. That’s the hard reality of Nigeria. Since there’s no social aid or grants like in SA, you’re in real danger if you don’t have a job regardless of how tough it is.

That’s when I actively decided to the transition into Health & Social related PR. I wanted to be a part of the solution, not the problem. So I started doing different projects regarding humanitarian and social related issues.


What has changed since the transition? What have you learned?

All these high-impact projects exposed me to a different reality. I felt like I was meeting real people, living in the real world. While most of my friends were on that money train, I was learning from this new motion and surroundings.  I realized you don’t need all that money to be happy. You need to do something that has a meaning to you.

When and how did you realize your PR Business could make a difference?
While I was doing all these orphanages & social projects, someone asked me to come and help with the campaign in Liberia during the War. I knew this was what I wanted to do so I jumped on the opportunity. Next thing you know, I created a movement which is happening on a big scale. Ultimately changing lives. That’s when I realized you can actually make a difference.

I used to see campaigns or people on TV, and think “Oh wow, I wish I could do something like that”. Unfortunately, a lot of people think this way. They won’t take action because they think they can’t actually do it. All I can tell them is cease every opportunity that speaks to you. And you will make it.
What does Raising The Standards mean to you?

This sounds cliché, but upping your game. You need to go out of your comfort zone and do something you believe in. Even if your family and friends might not understand it & even if you’re not great at it at the start. Your passion and drive will prove to others that THIS is what you should do. Always trust your creativity & talent to do things that others don’t dare to and venture where others wouldn’t.

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