Uncovering The Business of Public Relations with Matthew Mensah

Most of us know the importance of Public Relations for fashion business.

PR agencies can take designers no-one has ever heard of into someone everyone wants to work with.
The reality is, PR is important in every single industry. Including charities, governments and political organizations! Even non-profit organizations such as Oxfam has worked with a PR agency.
PR Campaigns do more than advertising products, services or spring sales. Not only does it inform and educate people about the contributions of the organization. It also uplifts the brands recognition and makes it more relevant in the public eye.

That’s why we met up with PR Extraordinaire Matthew Mensah, the Bearded West African-Danish Gentleman and Ambitious Philanthropist.

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Matthew Mensah, I’m originally from Ghana and lived most of my life in West Africa. I create campaigns and concepts for governments, United Nations and corporate organizations. The focus goes from Stop Child Hunger and Polio/Malaria, peace campaigns in war-related countries and so on. I do the conceptualization and the execution. For example, when I lived in Nigeria I used to run campaigns in Liberia for Peace. I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot with campaigns orphanage campaigns from Sierra Leone, Tanzania to Zimbabwe, Namibia.
How did you get into it PR?
It was a calling from circumstances and the pursuit of personal meaning. I studied marketing and fashion in London. The main goal was to work within fashion. As soon as I came out of university, I got hired by Karen Millen herself.  Since Danish was my first language, I became her PR director for Denmark, Sweden and Scandinavia. Being the head of PR for such a big brand doesn’t go unnoticed. Soon major music labels were asking me to take care of their artists. One thing lead to another, I was part of Usher and Alicia Keys first PR shows in Europe as a partner of Lifestyle Magazine: All Access, which I ran with friends in London.
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After that, I was running exclusive Fashion & Music PR events in London. That’s when the idea of transition into health & Social PR started. When you’re involved with International A-list celebrities or Brands, a lot of people want to know You just for that & you get a lot of superficial friends & lifestyle to match, After some time that wasn’t fulfilling for me as I wanted to have a lasting impact from the work I did & the talent I felt I had. I then moved back home to West Africa like most of my West African friends. Although I continued to work within fashion, I got involved with social & health-related projects & felt I had found my main purpose.

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