Media Launch

The special day was opened by Tinyiko Mageza – Head of Retail Marketing at Standard Bank – our headline sponsor.

Tinkyo shared how two girls knocked on Standard Banks door to pitch Threads. Not only did their passion catch their attention, but their vision was backed up by fashion industry statistics. Numbers showing that Africa only has a thin slice of the big global fashion industry pie – of 1 %!

Tinkyo then explained how Standard Bank wants to be where it matters most and support entrepreneurs achieve their NEXT. The next big dream, the next big win, the next big deal. So enabling Threads & its entrepreneurs to close the gap and put African fashion on the world map, was a step Standard Bank felt made sense to take.

Tinkiyo says: “Threads – Stitched by Standard Bank does not only celebrate creativity and the emotions of fashion. We celebrate and champion the Business of Fashion! We want to be a partner of this journey, a copilot as our entrepreneurs steer their life into the greatness that will be their NEXT”

Next off we welcomed Mayur Bhana onto the stage, Brand Marketing Manager, Mercedes-Benz Cars, who shed some light on Mercedes-Benz on-going dedication to fashion. From Fashion Weeks to Programs like Designer Exchange supporting emerging fashion designers and Threads!

In Mayur’s eyes, the link between Mercedes-Benz design and top-class fashion design is the perfection. The impassioned power of innovation and distinctive style. They know a trend-setting design is vital to both fashion and automobile industry. We couldn’t agree more!

___The future is not what is in front of us. The future is seeing beyond the curve!

What happened NEXT? A panel discussion with our 5 formidable judges

Get inspired by our highlight quotes about the business of fashion.

Jackie: “The biggest challenge in SA fashion industry is the fact that its strength at the moment resides in the creativity. Threads is trying to counterbalance that focusing on fashion as a business”

“We need to explore our African cultural heritage, transform it in our Unique Selling Proposition and be proud of wearing our own designs!”

Basetsana: “we need to understand and unlock the potential of fashion as a business and integrate this throughout the African continent! We need to create an eco-system where people can thrive. We need to look at fashion through the value chain, continue to evolve, think outside the box to drive revenue streams and take your business to the next level”

Timothy: “Design thinking starts with real people, with collaborations and it involves empathy – for your end consumer. What does he feel, what does he experience?”

“Start with creating a narrative, a compelling story for your brand. Your dream can inspire people – never underestimate that.”

Laduma: “While living abroad, I had the opportunity to look at South Africa from the outside and realize what makes us special! I picked up this heritage theme and translated them into my designs. “

Vincent: “It’s about the ecosystem. You need to put a lot of creative minds together in one room to see the magic happen!”
“A lot of entrepreneurs struggle with getting exposure for their brands. The digital era makes this easier, through platforms like Spree, but you need to figure out which platform works for you depending on where you position yourself in the market.”

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Threads Team

We believe in change. We believe in leaving a lasting impact. That's why threads mission is to empower the next of South African fashion entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools, resources, and networks to run a sustainable business operation and thrive internationally.