Uncovering the Business of Mentoring with Nomndeni Mdakhi

Nomndeni Mdakhi – Mentor to over 40 000 women tells us how she started her business

Whether it’s for fashion, sports or even health. We believe one of the keys to success is guidance.

We all know that starting a business can be tricky and a lonely endeavour. For that reason, many look for a mentor handy to support and guide them during their new business startup.

But what exactly is the role of a mentor?

In summary, enabling the mentee in achieving their goals. The mentor listens, guides and even challenges the mentee to do their best in starting up a new business. Way more than simply sending congratulations notes when the mentee performs well.

So.. How does one become a mentor?

We’ve asked Fuse Academy co-founder & Edits Communications founder Nomndeni to tell how started she enabling creatives and young women in achieving success through mentoring.

Introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do?

That’s always a difficult one. In this context, I am an entrepreneur and mom. I own a creative agency called Edits Communications and empowerment conversations platform called Edits Talks.

Tell us about the first 5 years of your career?

I had 2 years in the career space, jumped ship very quickly.  I started my first business in 2009 which was a female deejaying school and the agency was established in 2011.

How did you get started in this?

The school was my partner’s idea. She had dabbled in the entertainment industry and had a dream of starting this deejaying school. For me, this was the opportunity to get started as an entrepreneur. We didn’t know much about business but we figured it out and the school is still running 8 years later.

How did you transition from that to what you are doing now? 

From running the school I met Oskido who gave me an opportunity to work with him on his businesses. He had access and I had a chance to help him monetize his personal brand and take advantage of the access he has. He literally allowed me to operate as his business partner.  It opened my eyes up to the opportunities that existed within the talent space. I established the agency as a response to the need for an agency that understood corporate challenges and needs as well as talent potential and challenges.



Were there any times where you felt uneasy/ insecure/ unsure of where you were headed?

Absolutely, I still feel like that at times. What I have found to work at those times is a very delicate balance of discipline and flexibility. You set goals with timelines and plan, plan, plan. You should allow the execution to not be too rigid. Vision is critical to keep you on course.

How would you describe your passion?

I have always struggled to define this. My passion points are talent: helping creatives and the creative industry to thrive and be sustainable. Africa is my other passion point which is linked to the creative industry as well. I would love to see Africans embrace the beauty of our continent, wake up to the opportunities that exist and deeply understand just how badass we are as Africans.

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