#RaisingTheStandards with Leon de Jongh

We kept the best till last! In these series, you’ve seen and read incredible stories from people all over South Africa who we believe are raising the standard in their own fields.

Some of the people featured in this initiative you may have heard, some not – some are raising the standards in their townships or villages, some have thousands of followers and are inspiring people all over the country and maybe even abroad. But they all have one common thing – they are #RaisingTheStandard

So, lastly, in this series, we met up with Leon in Cape Town, at a café and the first 15 minutes of us meeting him. He kept on asking ‘why me?’, ‘ why do you want to know about me – I’m not that special?’

And I guess, that’s how a lot of us feel like when something comes our way, right? We wonder whether we’re special, what we’ve done to be where we are and whether we are even adequate enough for the opportunity that is coming out the way.

Let us tell you about Leon.

Leon is a 17-year-old living in the area of Cape Town. He’s in grade 12, likes fashion and sports, enjoys going to church camp and is considering going to Varsity to become an attorney.

So how’s Leon raising the standard?
What if we told you, Leon was 55 Kilograms heavier just 2 years ago.

Leon started his Instagram as he was embarked on a life-altering experience. His Instagram has been a place for himself to review the work in progress of his journey and discovery of ‘self’ himself as a millennial South African.

As he was losing weight, he discovered a whole new side to him – He started to feel more confident, and grow into the person he is. He discovered his own style, his likes, and dislikes.

Leon embraces the spirit of living free, confident, humble and still, raising the standard, and that already at his young age and that is what we loved!

Threads Team

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