Exclusive Interview with Siya Beyile of ‘The Threaded Man’

Siya Beyile – “The threaded man”, Brand consultant tells us how he started his business and career

From passionate about Africa & Fashion to being Forbes 30 under 30 entrepreneurs (to building a global media platform).

Launched in February 2013, The Threaded Man has established itself as an online portal that provides its readers with the latest style trends, introducing them to a trendy, yet sophisticated lifestyle. The Threaded Man is the style platform for the modern African man (and his partner).

Founder of this platform is Siya Beyile, a 22-year-old, humble, dapper, gentleman passionate about fashion. Siya was born in the Eastern Cape and spent most of his upbringing in Cape Town.

Already at young age, Siya had found a passion for the fashion world and its environment, but as time went on Siya through reading a lot of magazine and publications, especially in the menswear scene – He noticed a major flaw in the market.

None of these publications, even locally, he felt, were speaking to him. – a young, black, ambitious, lifestyle-orientated black man. So he created The Threaded Man as a solution.

It started off as a blogging endeavor but very rapidly gained momentum and a large following crossing the borders of South Africa to the rest of the market and even to the Diaspora.


Siya Beyile - Standard Bank - Threads


And it was through studying fashion & trends in London, that he really saw the potential for The Threaded Man as a business, more than a blog.

Though many didn’t believe in Siya’s business, he saw a big gap and the market and decided to work on – positioning himself as the ultimate fashion & lifestyle portal for the African man, globally.

Through tedious long hours, combined with taking on internships and work placements with fashion industry stakeholders, Siya learned what was needed to take his blog to business level.

Specifically, Siya used trends in all of his work.  Leaving nothing to chance or gut feelings, Siya positioned The Threaded Man as the observation  & ears of the fashion industry through the lens of the black African man and used these analytical insights & trends to successfully position the platform and always be ahead of the game.

Beyond, this The Threaded Man is now also a branding agency. Siya spotted an opportunity with the accumulated data and insights that the platform was collecting, combined with his expertise in trend forecasting, trend analysis and creative eye for fashion. These elements would make a perfect recipe to assist brands in successfully engaging with their audience.

Siya Beyile - Standard Bank - Threads

The agency works across multiple specters such as brand consultancy, marketing, as well as styling and concept development.

Siya’s worked on campaigns for big brands such as H&M, Levi’s, Converse, and Adidas, to name a few.

Threads Team

We believe in change. We believe in leaving a lasting impact. That's why threads mission is to empower the next of South African fashion entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools, resources, and networks to run a sustainable business operation and thrive internationally.