Slim Shanty Exclusive Interview – How not getting on the planned track can get you on the right track.

Most of us struggle to find the right university, the right industry, the right job, the right idea, the right business to start, the right path in life.
How many of us studied one thing and ended up in a totally different industry or running a successful business in a completely different field?

Shanty’s story starts with “I actually wanted to be a physiotherapist as I left high school. But then I didn’t get into university”. For some reason – we believe it was the voice of his steering passion inside – he ended up applying for a 1-year fitness and sports massage school to kill time until next year when he could apply again for the physiotherapy university. And guess what? He started loving it and transformed his passion into his business, today he is a qualified fitness instructor and health coach.
He has been around in the fitness industry for two years now and has already managed a corporate gym. Guess how old Slim Shanty is? 21 !!!!

I know what you’re thinking, this is CRAZY!!! Finding your passion is not easy but transforming your passion into business takes a lot of hard work, and Shanty knows this! He is grateful for the opportunities with which he has been blessed but he is aware that #RaisingtheStandards means hustle, hustle, hustle and focusing on the purpose of what you are doing and how it improves the life of the people around you.

What does #Raisingthestandards mean for her?

‘To me, raising the standard means putting your passion and purpose before making profit. Because many people I have seen in my industry, they just want to do this for quick money. If you are really passionate in helping people improve their health, their fitness, their lifestyle in general that will bring you more happiness in the long-run than just making some quick money. You will feel so much more content and that’s why I always say to my clients: ‘Listen, in whatever industry you are in, follow your passion!’

Sometimes, life just has its own way of showing us the right track and it’s up to us to Raise the standards and transform passion into business.

Threads Team

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