Uncovering The Business of Architecture with Treven Moodley

Treven Moodley – Passionate Durbanite and Architect tells us how he’s been #RaisingTheStandards (part 2)

You travel a lot, what’s the next frontier in architecture?

The greatest knowledge I have ever gained hasn’t simply come from studying institutions, but from experiencing the world and its people. Currently, I am working in China, one of the fastest growing countries in the world. They are constantly in need of solving problems that South Africa may face in the near future. I aim to grasp the knowledge and perhaps shed light on similar issues back home.

For me, the next frontier is not BIG Architecture as some may think. But rather small powerful ‘acupuncture needles’ of interventions to aid on a much larger scale. Buildings that use space in a smart, durable and effective way.

What advice would you give to fellow Durbanites wanting to make a career in architecture?

Durban is an untapped goldmine when it comes to architecture. I say goldmine not in the monetary sense but rather to state the potential to grow and compete on an international scale. Practice your craft and always look twice. What you see and what’s really going on is vastly contrasting ideas. Only once you understand this, will you come closer to understanding the power you have as an architect.

Studying this subject doesn’t just teach you to make a building that can stand up. Speaking from experience, I know it teaches you a different outlook on life. You will start to feel the world differently. It’s powerful.

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What fascinates you in life?

People! I sometimes embark on little social experiments. For example, placing a chair on its side in the middle of a room. It’s interesting to see how people react. Some will move around it, others might simply pick it up but very few will actually sit on it.

This for me is one of the ways you get to understand people. It’s this very split second of contemplation when faced with a situation that excites me.

What does #RaisingTheStandards mean to you?

Whatever circumstance the universe has bestowed upon you, turn the tables and find a solution. It’s not about what tools you are given, but how you use what you actually have. I was given social media and a phone camera. I used it to show something different. Today I work with some of the biggest brands in the country, radio and television. And it all started with my domestic worker taking pictures of me walking across the road. If you have something that everyone else has, take it to a whole new level by simply adding one ingredient – yourself.

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