Uncovering The Business of Architecture with Treven Moodley

Treven Moodley – Passionate Durbanite and Architect tells us how he’s been #RaisingTheStandards

As you probably know by now, Threads Stitched by Standard Bank, in association with Mercedes-Benz is a Business of Fashion accelerator program with 4 regional classrooms.

As quoted by the Threads founders “It was important for us to have regional integration with South Africa, we want designers from all over the country to portray their country and cities to a global audience“.

That’s why the Threads team met up with Treven Moodley,  a 21-year-old architect who is passionate about his city Durban. Treven tells us how he is #RaisingTheStandards by merging his profession as an architect with his talent as an Instagram influencer to portray the most beautiful side of Durban.

“Durban is not just Bunny Chow and chill, We have been crafting and perfecting our own rhythm, turn up the volume -because you will soon hear us roar”

What do you feel are the biggest misconceptions of Durban?

Durban is always known to be a relaxed beach city for holidaymakers. The place to flock to during the festive periods. The city where people showcase the finest in swimwear, flip flops and board shorts. Most people seem to forget about the other 11 months of the year. What about its people, music, cuisine, culture and social scenes during the off-season? Let me tell you, there’s so much going on, even I can’t keep up sometimes. Durban culture is on the rise.

In your opinion, how can we best showcase the city of Durban?

 Durban has a lot more to offer than just a bit if fun, sun and sea. With fresh local talent taking center stage, our art & street scene is continuously growing. Easy Freak, Red Robyn, Zainab Ismail, Breeze Trendsetter, Otarel, Missu, Robin Thirdfloor, ByLwansta just to name a few. There’s also Durban’s fashion, cuisine, architecture and its warm embrace – all form a part of what makes the current Durban so on trend. As a Durbanite, we use Social Media to capture the beauty and soul of this diverse city. By pouring our efforts into showcasing what we have rather than trying to adapt to international trends, I feel that Durban’s soul will then only be truly felt.

Treven Moodley - #threadsbysb - The business of fashion accelerator program - South Africa

How and why did you choose to be an architect?

Architecture itself, the ability to shape space and the effect it has on people has always been a deep fascination of mine. Unlike some of the big fancy architecture in South Africa and the world throughout, Durban’s small unique scale of architectural interventions have more impact than you may think. From a young age, I lived in a space that was consistently changing whether in my own home or in my environment. Growth and change is something I learned to grow fond of. We change as people through time, so why shouldn’t we have spaces that allow for this expansion? I cannot wait to start making my mark on my city, reshaping, remoulding and reinterpreting.

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Threads Team

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