Exclusive Interview with Tshepi Vundla

Tshepi Vundla – Personal shopper tells us how she started her business and career

“Success is going from one failure after the other, without any loss of enthusiasm”

Tshepi knew from a very young age that fashion was for her, but as we’ve explored in our business of fashion blog, there’s more than just one way to get there.

Tshepi started off studying fashion design at Lisof, unfortunately, this didn’t seem to be her path. She found it hard and was terrible at the sewing machine.

2nd stop was at Vega where she studied creative brand communications for a while and eventually dropped out. Many at this stage could have erred towards a different industry altogether, but Tshepi was determined to stay as close as possible to the fashion world. She noticed the importance of marketing around fashion and signed-up to do a correspondence degree through IMM on the subject of marketing.

“The course was really interesting and looking at it today, that course combined with what I learned at Vega, gave me a good starting point on how to do branding and marketing for myself and my clients”

Shortly following her enrollment at IMM, Tshepi started working the awards. Being more and more in and out of Cape Town meant that she was always behind on assignments and schoolwork, and eventually, she simply couldn’t keep up.

“My father wasn’t too pleased with this… He didn’t really understand my decisions and where I was heading, but I knew I had to be in fashion and that I would find a way”

Tshepi started putting outfits together and things started to move in her career…

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