Exclusive Interview with Tshepi Vundla – Part 2

Tshepi Vundla – Personal shopper tells us how she started her business and career

Passionate about fashion and shopping, Tshepi actually started close to home by dressing her parents and sisters for awards and events. Gradually people started to pick up on her style and especially on Instagram, Tshepi’s account started to really get noticed.

But her journey from there on wasn’t an easy ride, starting out she would work a lot for TV shoots, with long hours and long drives – her father often expressed reluctance to support due to her personal safety driving home alone and of course, the uncertainty of the career path she chose.

“It wasn’t easy because I wasn’t in school and didn’t have a traditional job, so the family were a bit worried for me”

Eventually, through acquired experience and continually improving herself. Tshepi was able to fully support herself and bought her first car herself.

She registered the business Twelve Consultancy and started picking up clients.

“I remember my father coming to me and saying.. ‘I’ve seen your name in the papers, on the Woolworths billboards’ and the attitude generally towards what I was doing changed – They believed in me. They believed in this.”

When asked how she does her job, Tshepi exclaims personal shopping and style consultancy is nothing of a coincidence according to Tshepi. She’s meticulous about how she structures her outfits and the wardrobes she constructs, spending the time to analyze the context of the person, event and or brief.

“I keep a scrapbook where I regularly insert pictures of colors, textures, clothing items and any other item that I want to keep as inspiration for my outfits. It’s important to stay abreast of fashion trends”

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