Exclusive interview with Tshepi Vundla – part 3

Tshepi Vundla – Personal shopper tells us how she started her business and career (part 3)

Besides styling and being a personal shopper for some of the biggest names in South Africa, becoming a widely recognized brand influencer, where she works with brands to promote their brand and engage with her audience, Tshepi turned her consultancy business into a 360 business, moving from the front of camera to behind the scenes.

She’s worked with companies such as Woolworths, where she became the entire concept consultant. She moved away from being the influencer and was in charge of the whole concept design from picking locations, to models, to styling.


“Being able to explore my creativity in various ways is one of the most gratifying ways to apply my love for fashion, and it’s even better to see that I can earn a living from it on my own.”

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