Uncovering the Business of Personal Shopping with Tshepi Vundla


The Business of Personal Shopping with Tshepi Vundla

In the Business of Fashion, there’s the obvious, the people that make clothes and the people that sell them.

But what about the people who buy them?

For you and me, this could be ourselves, our spouses our parents and sometimes even our kids, and for others, this could be personal shoppers.

Personal shoppers are people who are paid to shop for others. Other being,  individuals who are either too busy, don’t like to or don’t know what to shop for.

Personal shopping is more than just buying clothes, it’s actually engaging with clients and designing a wardrobe, a style and an image that’s just for them, something that goes beyond simply going to the V&A and swiping a card.

Lately, personal shoppers have also been described as wardrobe consultants, contracted to provide recommendations to individuals, customers or companies and, as the name entails, build wardrobes – giving a whole personality and spirit to the outer image of the client.

This differs from stylists, whose creations tend to usually be around creating outfits or styles around a particular story limited in time, hence why stylists will work for e.g. with magazines on a specific shoot, with brands on the look & feel of a particular campaign and individuals for a particular event.

Passionate about the business of fashion, the Threads team spoke to Tshepi Vundla, founder of Twelve Consultancy.

Find out how she raised the standard in her industry and turned her passion for clothing & shopping into a profit-making affair.

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