Up close & Personal with Cammy Mazeka

As you know, #ThreadsBySB believes one of the keys to success is guidance. That’s why we have partnered with EOH Learning & Development, the new multi-disciplinary learning solutions provider in the South African education and training landscape. They have supported Threads by providing professional instructors who will support the Threads participants in unpacking the course material week by week. Check out what Cammy Mazeka, EOH Learning & Development Operations Manager said when we got up close & personal!

What is EOH all about?

EOH Workplace Learning is about creating opportunities for unemployed youth through our Youth Job Creation Initiative (YJCI). We believe and are passionate about our YJCI that was started in 2012 with 702. We recognize the importance and role that we as EOH can play in curbing the youth unemployment crisis. EOH brings together potential employers, learners, students, graduates, entrepreneurs, government and corporate funding, to create platforms for internships, Learnerships and other initiatives that provide skills and opportunity to gain workplace experience.


What can EOH offer companies and entrepreneurs?

We collaborate with companies, in gaining access to learners and interns through recruiting previously disadvantaged unemployed youth and providing support throughout the tenure of the learners or interns. Support is our key focus for companies. We provide Work Place Readiness (WPR) training where we train, mentor and or coach potential learners and interns in the working environment. We additionally enable companies themselves through mentorship engagement throughout the learners and interns tenure.


We offer Entrepreneurs opportunity to gain work experience so as to enable them to discover and refine their skills, make decisions, address challenges and interact with influential people such as company owners, managers and mentors within work settings. Entrepreneurs learn from their experience and receive immediate feedback that they can use to grow their own careers.


Why is EOH sponsoring the Threads Program?

The Threads program is an initiative that echoes our passion. Threads is supporting the development of entrepreneurs. young people who need development in working skills to improve.
The program is aimed at 12 outstanding fashion entrepreneurs benefiting from academic teaching, guest lecture and case studies through the school of fashion in Milan. The program is based on continuous mentorship throughout the program. Additionally, the program provides Entrepreneurs access to companies, that they would have not, been able to have on their own. EOH provided access to venues and mentors on a weekly basis to guide the entrepreneurs through the course material.

What aspects of the Threads Program resonated with the EOH values?

The Threads program resonates with some of EOHs values, best people, partner for life and lead and grow.

Entrepreneurs are being developed by industry leaders such as DHL, BROLL PROPERTIES, CONVERSE, SHOPIFY, VEGA SCHOOL OF BRAND MANAGEMENT, and many more.

The program provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to build relationships and partners for life. They visited the Mercedes Benz plant and learned about e-commerce at Spree. In continuing with exposure in their industry, the young entrepreneurs had the pleasure of meeting thought entrepreneur leader in fashion, David Tlale.

The experience these 12 young entrepreneurs are being exposed to will lead and grow them in their future endeavors.




Threads Team

We believe in change. We believe in leaving a lasting impact. That's why threads mission is to empower the next of South African fashion entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools, resources, and networks to run a sustainable business operation and thrive internationally.