Up Close & Personal with Facebook Africa Ambassador Ramiza Abdool

Week 7 of #ThreadsBySB was focused on Digital Strategies & Skills. The entrepreneurs got to learn about the best practices to boost their online presence. From Search Engine Marketing, Google Ads to Social Media Strategies. When it came to Facebook Strategies, we couldn’t think of anyone else than Ramiza Abdool, Media Client Service Director & Facebook Africa Ambassador to show the ropes!


Why have you decided to partner with Threads Stitched By Standard Bank?

I had always had an affinity towards the business component of fashion. As a young girl, I had a vision of myself within the sector that would help talent break into what has always been an industry that was red taped and tough to thrive in. Part of that, was the strong desire to help uplift as well as support strong female leadership and when I had met Tania and Desiree who presented the concept of the standard bank accelerator , I knew that this was where I needed to utilise the digital media knowledge I gained and help businesses to build for scale, which would in turn help stimulate Africa’s economy but mostly- help stitch the fabric of our creativity across continents.


What are you expecting from the entrepreneurs?

I am hoping that they continue to think big and thereafter be inspired to think as visionaries as they embark on expanding their presence across continents.
They should remember to also help hold space for the next generation of young Africans across the continent to transcend social, geographical & psychological barriers.


How do you feel you can support them?

Assisting them with the practical skills and media framework that will help them to develop a communication strategy for their brand globally and meeting sales objectives with socially driven digital media solutions, in order for them to be profitable.


What advice would you give to African based entrepreneurs?

Ensure that you are developing your EQ, to gain perspective as you will be dealing with many personalities from cross-cultural backgrounds along the journey. Embrace diversity and be willing to learn and absorb what is outside of your comfort zone. Be able to live, outside your comfort zone. Use your success and platform to light the path for others. Also, read and develop your knowledge consistently.


What should entrepreneurs pay attention to whilst growing their business?

They should pay attention to themselves and their personal dialogue. Your success is dependant on the vision you hold of yourself as well as the power of your words. They should also be aware of the energy they surround themselves with and know the difference between the various levels of value and karmic currency they exchange with those they meet. Not everyone around you will have your best interest at heart.


Facebook Africa Ambassador Ramiza Abdool

Which book would you recommend to entrepreneurs? And why?

Ladders & Trampolines by Musa Kalenga. He explores the relationship between entrepreneurship particularly within the context of the African continent as well as the application of using empathy as the core driver to success. Musa also challenges entrepreneurs to develop business solutions that help improve the state of the human condition. I think this is a strategic humanist approach to business and development.


What are your favourite business quotes and why?

I don’t have favourite business quotes, but I do have favourite philosophical quotes. Amongst a great number of them, is “The secret to having it all, is knowing that you already do”. I think this needs no further explanation. Because you felt that moment of ease and surety when you read those words? It is soothing and motivating simultaneously.


What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership is the ability to possess empathy and operate from an objective non-judgemental and un-bias perspective as opposed to the ego. The goal is for the whole and not for the self alone. The ego seeks to defend, dismiss, scare and evoke one perspective that fits within a false sense of self. The problem with that is that it becomes less about everyone & all about a singular individual. Empathy, positivity and fearlessness, experience and wisdom – is what makes a leader approachable, a human being. And therefore, trustworthy. You need the trust and respect of those you wish to help rise.


What is the best advice you have received in business?

My father always said to me, that if you risked nothing, you gained nothing. My mother would follow with the need to remember that how we treat people along our journey, has a direct impact on the results we hope for. this is advice applicable to life. Not just business.


How would you define success in entrepreneurship?

By having identified a problem/need and committing to developing a sustainable solution to address that need that is driven by purpose.
Also, I believe there is merit in having tried. Regardless of the barriers. But mostly, doing something that helps lift the whole. Something that helps build society and not break the human spirit. All whilst being grounded in humility and grace.

Threads Team

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