Up Close & Personal with Intellectual Property & Commercial Law Attorney Claire Waldeck

As you know, our entrepreneurs get to learn from South Africa’s top business minds & industry experts. Week 10 of #ThreadsBySB was all about Fashion Law. Meet one of our guest speakers, Claire Waldeck, Attorney specialized in Intellectual Property Law & Commercial Law.


Why are you excited about #ThreadsBySB

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand how lonely it can be to create a successful business without the necessary support #ThreadsBySB’s focus on fashion provides a great platform for entrepreneurs to have access to knowledge, to network with like-minded people, and most of all learning that anything is possible but one does not have to go it alone.


What are you expecting from the entrepreneurs?

To come to the realization that knowledge is power and once they know how to leverage their intellectual property, that they pass the knowledge on to other entrepreneurs.


How do you feel you can support them?

By creating awareness of intellectual property and making law more accessible and not so scary.


What does leadership mean to you?

Moving beyond command and control (management/measurement) and inspiring people to do their best work, to lead by example and show them that it’s ok to make mistakes as long as one learns from them.


What is your favourite business quote?

My husband is an entrepreneur and founded his own financial consultancy Freethinking Business Consultants (Pty) Limited 10 years ago. The slogan is “Ideas put to work” and it resonates with me as an intellectual property attorney.


Waldeck Attorney IP Protection SA

Claire Waldeck & Tshepo Mohlala at #ThreadsBySB Johannesburg Classroom

Which book would you recommend to entrepreneurs? And why?

Even though it’s not a business book, Victor Frankel’s “Man’s search for meaning” is very profound. In essence, it reminds one that we can all choose our responses to things that happen in our life and the power is really within us to react in a way that suits us. For an entrepreneur, there are many challenges but  only you can control how you respond and rise to the challenges.


What is the best business advice you have received?

If you want to be a partner, act like a partner. If you’ve researched the law, don’t be intimidated by others who have more experience than you… believe in yourself.


What advice do you have for the 12 Threads participants?

Protect your intellectual property. There are affordable methods of doing this and make sure that you build your business on a solid legal foundation with what you can afford as you will never know the value of a well-drafted agreement until you need to litigate over it.


Threads Team

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