Up Close & Personal With Mushambi Mutuma

As you know, #ThreadsBySB is all about equipping the entrepreneurs with all knowledge needed to strengthen their business cases. We also believe one of the keys to success is guidance. That’s why every week, our Johannesburg entrepreneurs are mentored by speaker and leader in entrepreneurship and business, Mushambi Mutuma. His high impact company, Altivex Creative Foundry, emphasize African engagement in tech & digital industries, with the intent to make Africa a leading hub of innovative authority. His connected purpose is to transform entrepreneurs of the future through his entrepreneur development firm, Kairos. 

Why are you excited about #ThreadsBySB?

The opportunity to help young South African entrepreneurs scale exponentially is the most exciting process. I’m passionate about growth and using innovation and creative thinking to unlock it. Going through this process across the next several weeks within the fashion sector will be a new challenge!


What are you expecting from the entrepreneurs?

Excellence. Because why settle for less? I expect them to give their all, to push themselves harder than they have before and to focus on all the details. Anything less would do a disservice to their potential.


How do you feel you can support them?

My greatest value has always been in seeing things from a unique perspective and finding new ways to not only leverage business but to scale and unlock new revenue opportunities. I also hope to use my global experience to expand their minds to new ways of thinking and working.


As an entrepreneur, what does leadership mean to you?

Accountability and responsibility. You also have to drive all those around you to be the best versions of themselves. It’s on you to bring it out of them, even when they don’t see it, even when it’s uncomfortable


What is your favourite business quote?

“The entrepreneur, as a creator of the new and a destroyer of the old, is constantly in conflict with convention. He inhabits a world where belief precedes results, and where the best possibilities are usually invisible to others. His world is dominated by denial, rejection, difficulty, and doubt. And although as an innovator, he is unceasingly imitated when successful, he always remains an outsider to the ‘establishment.’” – my late mentor and godfather, Ted Forstmann


Which book would you recommend to entrepreneurs? And why?

Phil Knight’s Shoe Dog. This is the most honest, humorous and sometimes painful book on the truth path of entrepreneurship and grit I’ve read. It will remind you that you aren’t alone!


What is the best business advice you have received?

Grit. Grit has a greater predictability for ultimate success than Grades, Social Intelligence, Family Income, Good Looks, Physical Health, IQ. One’s perseverance and passion, the ability to just hang-in-there. Grit can define our success and each of us have the power to increase its capacity within us.


What advice do you have for the 12 Threads participants?

Keep going. The fact that you’ve made it this far means you’ve made it through the hardest, darkest days. It might not get easier but you will get stronger and wiser.


Threads Team

We believe in change. We believe in leaving a lasting impact. That's why threads mission is to empower the next of South African fashion entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools, resources, and networks to run a sustainable business operation and thrive internationally.