Up Close & Personal with Pascale Hoare

As you know, #Threads is all about equipping the entrepreneurs with all knowledge needed to strengthen their business cases. That’s why when it came to unpacking the best practices of Human Resources, we’ve asked eXtraordinary HR Solutions (Pty) Director, Pascale Hoare to share her knowledge. With over 20 years of international and local expertise in the luxury hospitality and service industries, we knew all our entrepreneur’s questions and issues would be resolved. 

Why are you excited about #ThreadsBySB?

As a small business owner and entrepreneur, there were many times at the beginning of my business where I would have loved the support and guidance of other people in a similar situation, as well as experts in a given area. I believe it is a fantastic programme that will help these fledgling businesses to get the support needed to springboard them to the next level.


What are you expecting from the entrepreneurs?

To go on and do great things!

How do you feel you can support them?

In HR and staff related matters.

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership is not a rank, it is a choice. Leadership is about creating an environment where people feel safe, valued and as if they belong.


What is your favourite business quote?

“Every social problem is a business opportunity in disguise” – P. Druker.


The Business of Fashion Accelerator Program

Which book would you recommend to entrepreneurs? And why?

“Together is better” by Simon Sinek. Because so often in business we assume it is about competition, but for me it is about collaboration.


What is the best business advice you have received?

Work on your business, not in your business.


When it comes to HR, what advice do you have for Threads 12 participants ?

Follow procedure – always!




Threads Team

We believe in change. We believe in leaving a lasting impact. That's why threads mission is to empower the next of South African fashion entrepreneurs by providing them with the tools, resources, and networks to run a sustainable business operation and thrive internationally.