What Happened in the Market & Business Development Module? (part2)

Jordan Major was in charge of the third and fourth sessions. He is an experiential marketer, creative strategist and a trend observer (pretty cool that such positions like trend observers exist! Basically he gets to predict trends and the impact they’ll have). He is such an interesting man, with so much knowledge. His first presentation was ‘Market Trends and Industry Development’. His experience with brands is very impressive and ranges from Coca-Cola to Huawei. He spoke about the way in which the world is going, where the lifespan of advertising agencies may decrease and innovative technologies such as Facebook and Instagram will become, and already are becoming, the more preferred platforms for brands. With this, the importance of making it clear to the public what your brand deems important and what it doesn’t is vital.
Are you beginning to see why I feel so lucky to be a part of this!? I can’t even imagine how excited the finalists must be feeling…

Finally, after these three sessions, we were treated to the most delicious lunch from the conference center. Salads for starters, a choice of lamb or chicken for mains and a chocolate mousse for dessert. You can just imagine my dessert-obsessed joy!

Business of Fashion in Africa


Jordan’s second presentation was about ‘Experiential Marketing’. Before this, I had never heard that term before, but unsurprisingly, it’s a huge field. What is known as the ‘experience economy’ is the fast-growing number of experiences which, according to Jordan, causes one to shop, travel and entertain. For example, the experience had when shopping is as important as the item bought. The whole essence of ‘experiential marketing’ is to leave the person feeling inspired, while presenting a unique feel to the brand itself. In such a fast-paced world, people are more likely to invest in experiences. For brands to remain pertinent to consumers, experiences need to be offered, not merely the product. It’s seemingly a simple concept but offers a huge impact on the public.

The last speaker of the day was Murray Legg, the CEO of a website called Webfluential. The subject of this session was ‘Influencer Marketing’, and believe me, I was all ears! What Webfluential does is pair up influencers such as bloggers, Instagrammers etc, with marketers and brands. This pairing is done in a way that lists the influencers most suitable for a brand, and then that brand can contact the influencer. Influencer and brand collaborations are made so much easier in this way. This was basically right up my street (had you guessed?). Murray showed us exactly what a profile on the website looks like and how brands get into contact with influencers. Essentially the whole idea behind influencer marketing is that influencers make themselves available to brands, and through their previous work, interests, and engagement with followers, brands can decide on the best fit for what they’re looking for. Murry was extremely helpful and the whole presentation was something I’m so glad to have seen.

And that was my first classroom! I can safely say that it was one of the most interesting days for me. Being a blogger wanting to really challenge myself this year by pushing Lauren Carmen further, made it all the more fascinating for me. Each of the speakers focused on their different aspects and specializations, and I was so immersed in them that I kept forgetting to snap some pics!








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